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Fever Dream Ⓒ 
is a representation of the constant and erratic fluctuation of my inner dialog.
Distorted sensuality meets absurdity, the fragmentation of the body, the upheaval of the form. A reflection of life in an in-between state. 
The feeling of being there, and not being there at the same time, meets the longing of not being. 

The suits I create are an extension of myself, a wish to be present in all of my forms, in all of my the same time. In the performance my personalities have multiplied, they confront and confuse, and they tease the audience. They act out as a form of provocation and present a way to see how the other reacts to my many embodiments.
Will I shock them, confuse them, or make them laugh?

What seems safe at first can often quickly turn into something that feels uncomfortable. 
My costumes are about control, but also the loss of it. What would happen if I let all my identities run wild to do as they please? Boundless bliss, an anarchy of chaos, abundant noise.
Confusion meets play, a glorious cacophony with dark undertones. 

It is not just about how my form changes in my own mind, it is about how I am perceived by others, and the interaction between artist and audience.

I introduce the audience to various characters and make them wonder what is inside, while I invite the audience to join in and participate in different ways,

turning the spectator into the performer,
Will they succumb to chaos? Will they lose themselves in the Fever Dream?

Fever Dream Collective Ⓒ 
Is a group of various artists and performers from different backgrounds. Although the players change and fluctuate, the core of the Fever Dream comes forth from the mind melts of artist Maja Irene Bolier. 

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