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14.784 km

That is the distance between the two countries I grew up in
The distance between my parents, the distance between my two lives.

I feel you find a lot of this distance in my work.
In Everything I make, my films, drawings and collages, there is a certain fragmentation.
A feeling of being there and not there at the same time.

Most of my films are made with a certain urgency, a need to express something.
Although my films arise from an autobiographical context they are usually understood by a greater audience because they touch on themes of current importance.


I grew up next to a forest. Thousands of miles away from this well-ordered country. Where they fix things that are not broken and plant forests of trees in straight rows.

Although this is my home now. I still find it hard to adapt to this orderly land and long for my old wilderness.
Not completely content with my surrounding reality I try to change it in the way that I can – through art.
In my collages, I create abstractions that distort the reality of the images. Mixing the feminine with the forest.

My latest video works also address the same subject. How am I to make myself comfortable in my new surroundings? Do I adapt or build my own reality?

In my performance's I like to turn it around and twist the reality of the audience.
What will they feel comfortable with? And how can I get them out of their comfort zone?

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